Your Kitchen Influences Your Eating Habits

The way your kitchen looks, the products you choose to stock it with, the gadgets you buy – they can all have very negative influence on your eating habits. In other words, your kitchen can make you fat!

Even if you don’t believe me, stay with me and we will have a look at the facts.

The Messy Kitchen

Clutter in your kitchen is one of the main reasons you skip cooking and opt for a quick (high calorie) snack. Never underestimate the power of cleaning and tidying. A neat, organised kitchen is heaven for every chef whereas a space invaded by crumbs, bills and your kids’ toys just doesn’t have the same appeal. Meredith Fuller, a psychologist, says:

If you need to clean up before you start making a dish, you are far more likely to order a take out or grab a quick snack.

The Devious Gadgets

Have you noticed that kitchen device market has been flooded with countless gadgets. You can have every item you have ever imagined (and even some that go beyond your wildest dreams). From pizza ovens to cake pop- and pie-makers, from cupcake decoration machines to waffle irons, the diversity of cute (some bordering with crazy) food appliances is more than tempting.

However, all those “useful” gadgets you can brag about to your neighbour are blocking your way to leading a healthy lifestyle. If you really want to fend off calories, you should steer clear of devices which encourage you to cook unhealthily. Instead go for the simple appliances like a high-quality juicer for fruits and vegetables, a slow cooker and a good food processor.

The Kitchen Atmosphere

If clutter prevents you from eating healthy, the lighting and decoration of your kitchen can help you eat up to 18% less. How is this possible? A joint survey by Cornell University Food and Brand Lab has proven that soft ambient lighting and subtle background music can help you reduce the amount of food you consume.

Let’s not forget that the kitchen is also the heart of your home, so you can never gowrong by decorating it accordingly. Use your imagination and your sense of style to create a welcoming homey atmosphere. Chandeliers, scented candles, downlights, spotlights, built-in cabinet illumination and pendants will fit in perfectly in your kitchen décor, so don’t be afraid to create a fairy-tale-like room setting.

The Teasers

OK, I must ask you a very personal question, one that I know none of you would like to answer honestly:

How much time you spend on Pinterest?

We all love the website which allows us to loose ourselves in cute pictures of puppies and kittens and marvel at the culinary masterpieces of chefs from all over the globe. However, the longer you sit and look at the mouth-watering pictures of exotic meals, sweet colourful cakes, skilfully decorated cupcakes and other treats, the more you yearn for the real deal. Basically, we come back to the old saying:

Out of sight, out of mind!

Since winter is slowly coming to an end, soon we will have to think about how we look in our favourite swimsuits. So, don’t put off organising your kitchen. If you need help with de-cluttering, you can always turn to our Fantastic Cleaners. We provide excellent cleaning services specifically for your kitchen!

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2 Responses to Your Kitchen Influences Your Eating Habits

  1. Angela says:

    This is a very interesting post and it makes perfect sense to me! I have to have a clean kitchen and cannot go to bed with things put away. Drives me nuts! LOL!! ~~Angela

    • Margaret Swanton says:

      You don’t know how lucky you are, Angela! I am a messy cook and most of the time my kitchen resembles a war zone. However, while doing the research for the post, I promised myself to do a better job at organising it. So far so good…