Your Home Has Been Robbed… or Cleaned

mystery cleaning man

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Have you ever considered cleaning to be a crime? Probably not, but for the 53-years-old Susan Warren the unauthorized cleaning is actually a business. The woman became famous in the US with a number of break-ins. She broke in a home, cleaned it and left a bill for the owners.

The 75$ bill left by the mysterious cleaner was written on a napkin with her telephone number. She actually did some fine work – took out the trash, vacuumed and dusted the entire house, washed some cups and dishes and treated the carpet. Warren is actually a real cleaner, she has a cleaning business and sometimes enters homes and cleans them.

The spooky cleaner now faces 20 hours of community service sentenced by a judge. She plead guilty to the charges of attempted burglary. The only excuse Warren came up with was that she “wanted something to do”. She was also put on one year probation. Susan Warren become famous in the US with the nickname “cleaning fairy”, as she was able to silently sneak into people’s houses and clean without being noticed.

Her only mistake was that she left her phone number, but how else she can get her payment? As funny as it is, this story is a good example of how a good intention can become a crime. Anyway, I hope that the story made you smile at least once!

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