Winter Home Décor Trends

The winter months always call for some more cosiness and warmth in the interior. After all when the weather outside is not so charming, we seek refuge in our home. And the more time we spend inside, the more we wish our home décor is more appealing and comfortable. Here we suggest you a few of the design trends this season, which will make your stay at home much more satisfactory.

1. Metallic Glow

Just like in fashion trends, metallic elements are settling in home design too. It’s the perfect way to put some accents in any room, and especially in living rooms and bedrooms. Don’t be afraid to mix gold, silver, and even bronze pieces together. Some metallic glow will immediately lighten up the décor, and will create the feeling of a little brighter setting in contrast with the gloomy winter weather outside.

2. Get Crazy With Stripes And Checks

Colourful, or classic stripes, and checks combinations make a wonderful addition to your winter home design. You can implement the trend in a catchy, or very elegant stripe wallpaper, or in checked pillows. Try striped, or checked sofas, bed linen and covers, or accessories. In addition, you can combine some of these suggestions. A mixture of different stripes and checks is just as trendy as a combination of metallic pieces in fashion and interior design.

3. Glamour Up

Since you will be spending more time at your home in the following months, why not make it really special. Spice up the place with some more glamour in the design. More crystal, marble, or leather will make a great upgrade of your living room décor. Add some accents in darker colours in your bedroom, like navy, deep green, claret, or dark purple to bring up that sense of royalty glamour in it.

4. Texture Mix

Mixing textures is another great winter trend in home design. Overlay wood, stone, ceramics, and textile. Put your imagination to work, and don’t be afraid to mix and match. Put a wood, or cork panels over brick walls, or combine wooden and ceramic accessory pieces in one place. Texture mixes emit an earthy sense of cosiness and warmth, which is irreplaceable in winter.

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