The Saddest Day of the Year

Have you ever heard of such a term like “the saddest day of the year”? While one would suggest that this is rather a matter of personal experience, and feelings, the scientist Cilff Arnall has a different opinion. According to his research the third Monday of January is generally the saddest day of the year for most people.

What is the logic behind that statement?

First of all, the jolly Christmas holidays are over, you have already welcomed the New Year, and made all your promises of changing your life (for real this time). However, the euphoria is starting to fade away, allowing the reality to kick in, and knock you down. There is the credit card debt from the Christmas shopping frenzy, there are the grim weather conditions on the other side of the globe (after all Arnall is British), and many other factors to back up the scientist’s proclamations.

The Infamous Formula:

(Debt + Shattered Illusions) – Good Weather = Depression

The Critic:

While the topic of the “Blue Monday” has been all over Twitter for a day or two, there are many critics regarding the truthfulness of Arnall’s findings. Even the psychologist tries to distance himself from the formula he has “discovered”, admitting that in reality he got paid to make the proclamation by a tourist agency. Nevertheless, ever since 2005, when the news about the Blue Monday were announced, people all over the world have been coming up with stories to back up the theory.

How to fight the depression?

If you believe that there is some truth to Arnall’s findings, you should take precautions not to fall under the spell of the Sad Monday. You can try hitting the gym harder than usual today, neglecting to look at your credit card balance, or simply surround yourself with people that make you happy. In addition, you could participate in the 12th Annual Hunt for Happiness – an American tradition that will certainly help you fight the depression of the Blue Monday. It lasts for an entire week from 20th to 26th of January!

You can also choose to honor the other social event that will take place on January 21st – National Hugging Day. A hug is an intimate gesture that doesn’t necessarily has sexual implications, and over the recent years has become the most natural, and favourite greeting form amongst teenagers all over the world. If you need scientific facts that hugs are not only pleasant, and a sign of closeness, you can rest assured that hugs have been proven to improve your health by reducing blood pressure, and increasing the levels of oxytocin in your system.

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