What Type of Christmas Shopper Are You

With the upcoming holidays, we are all busy with preparations or a lot of work. However, one thing is certain, it is the one time of the year when we do more shopping than we are usually do. So, you can easily determine what type of Christmas shopper are you according to the statistics.

Nowadays we can find just two main types of Christmas shoppers – people, who prepare for weeks and, of course, the last minute shoppers. As we can predict, men are the biggest pre cent when it comes to the last minute presents. According to a survey made in Stockland, nearly 54 per cent of the men are the Last Minute Larries in the holy night. The per cent is much lower for the women – just 36. However, one fifth of the Aussies spend their Christmas money mostly on food. They prefer to have their bellies properly full at the Christmas dinner. According to the survey one in four Christmas shoppers are actually very organised and prepare for Christmas well in advance.

The gift choice may prove tricky for men or women

The statistics show that men are more likely to feel pressured by the whole gift idea and usually spend more on a gift than women. However, on the night before Christmas the daughter’s parents are going to receive the most expensive present. The men are not willing to spend much for their parents. Anyway, in the holy night no one is left without a present, even the pets. Most Aussies don’t forget their furry friends.

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