Valentine’s Day Fever

Whoever came up with the expression “love is in the air”, probably would have never thought that in this time of the year, it could just as well be used literally – there are hearts, flowers, teddy bears, and many other types of Valentine’s Day memorabilia everywhere we turn. In just a couple of weeks, your sweetheart will be expecting a grand gesture, declaring your love to her/ him for the whole world to see.

With the endless supply of “fresh” ideas of what to do, and how to surprise your loved one on that one special day, walking the fine line between sweet and tacky, romantic and overwhelming, thoughtful and simply gone crazy, can turn out to be a challenge. In case you are in a long-term relationship, things can get even more complicated, as you feel obligated to top your present from the previous year.

If you want to avoid the Valentine’s Day Fever, as the sociological occurrence has came to be known, you can think of alternative ways to honour the holiday with your significant other, and avoid overdosing on cheap sweets, rushing for a last-minute present (and being busted about it later). Here are some alternative ideas on celebrating the day of love:

The Biggest Bouquet

Flowers have come to be recognized as one of the symbols of Valentine’s Day, thus, their presence is mandatory when planning your romantic gesture. However, instead of popping by the nearest florist, and buying the biggest bunch they have, you can come up with something original and sweet to go off from the beaten path.

Spend the day with your loved one in the botanical garden. Instead of presenting a few cut and carefully arranged stems, you will be surrounded by the world’s most incredible, and beautiful flowers. Strolling through the jungle in the botanical garden will feel as if you were giving your sweetheart a thousand bouquets, and you will win points for originality.

Change the Colour of Love

Are you already tired of seeing red wherever you go? It is perfectly natural to feel exhausted of observing the hue everywhere you go, so why not change the colour of love? Pick one that both you and your partner enjoy, and set it as your own private symbol of passion. Violet, blue and purple are perfectly acceptable replacements of red, and there are so many ways you can both enjoy them.

Surprising your loved one with extra lacy lingerie in that colour will guarantee you a night of celebrations. You can also try setting the designated colour as primary and design the entire setting with its hues and shades, or you can dine on sexy foods in that colour (though with blue it might be a bit of a challenge). Take purple, for instance, you can snack on grapes and eggplant.

Your Own Little World

Ignore what the rest of the world is doing on Valentine’s Day, forget all about the Fever, and lock yourselves in your own little bubble. Instead of comparing how your acquaintances choose to celebrate their love, you can escape from the turmoil by staying at home, enjoying each other’s company.

After all, our hectic everyday lives often don’t allow us to spend enough time at home with our partner. Instead, we are forced to communicate over the phone or via Internet, so why not take advantage of the special Valentine’s Day Fever, and call in sick? Spend the entire day with your loved one, and don’t forget to tell him/ her how much you appreciate her/ him.

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