Unusual Christmas Wreaths

Christmas is almost here! For all of you who have been following our blog for the past year, we have prepared a new holiday special treat. After last year’s incredible success with our Alternative Christmas Trees series, this year I have decided to try a new approach – unusual Christmas decorations. In the following weeks, I will try to cover every type of Christmas accessories and decorations and uncover the most fabulous, dazzling and eccentric ones just for you, my Fantastic readers!

Cinnamon Christmas Wreath

What do you associate Christmas with? One of the most holiday-ish smells is of cinnamon. Is it because of the gingerbread cookies with delicious cinnamon flavour? The hot cocoa milk (or in our case Ice Cocoa Cocktail)? Truth be told, it doesn’t really feel like Christmas until your home doesn’t smell like cinnamon.

To deodorise your dwelling and create a fabulous unusual Christmas wreath with cinnamon rolls. It is a fairly easy DIY wreath project. All you need is a foam base, 2-inch-wide beige or brown ribbon, hot glue and cinnamon sticks. Wrap the entire base with the ribbon and glue the ends to secure them. Afterwards, you only need to glue the cinnamon sticks on the base. To fill the holes use smaller cinnamon cuts. Once your base is finished you can add glitter, berries or event petite Christmas ornaments for colour.

Nut Star Christmas Wreath

Yet another dazzling unusual Christmas wreath DIY project to add a surprise element to your front door. The only difficult part is to find a base. An 18-inch wire star would be perfect but if you can’t find one a simple wire circle will also do the trick. Once again wrap the base with a ribbon to make glueing the nuts easier. You can arrange the nuts in a random or specific pattern depending on your mood and aesthetic preferences. The leaves at the back of the wreath will make it even more cheerful.

Marshmallow Christmas Wreath

Speaking of unusual DIY wreaths, nothing looks both elegant and out-of-the-box at the same time better than a marshmallow Christmas wreath. While we never get the idyllic snowy Christmas, if you really want a wintery white decoration element, you can always come up with an extraordinary solution. Just buy several bags of marshmallows and extra toothpicks and in 30 minutes you can have a dazzling, all-white Christmas wreath. Insert the toothpicks (according to my calculations 150 should suffice) onto a 12-inch foam wreath base. Place a marshmallow onto each pick and you are almost done. Just leave it in the refrigerator overnight to set.

Warning: Birds love marshmallows, too! So, consider leaving the wreath indoors.

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