Top Interior Design Trends for 2013

Every year starts with a lot of predictions on the trends in interior design, fashion, beauty, architecture and so on. Since these are based on years of experience from experts, it comes as no surprise that most of them are very accurate. If you want to be part of the dynamics in the top interior design trends for 2013, you can find the most talked about, and challenging ones right here.

Our team of Fantastic Authors gathered insider information from Australia’s leading interior design experts, and summed it up for our readers. Without further delay, let us present the top trends in interior design for 2013(with a lot of pictures to illustrate them):

1. Men Will Have a Bigger Say When it Comes to Interior Design:

As society is changing more and more towards gender equality and shared responsibility on raising the kids and domestic chores, so do the trends in interior design. Men who spend more time with their families and at home, will have a bigger say in how their home is to be decorated. As a result, functionality and “rough” design will become a more frequent part of the home décor, putting the “cuteness” and flashy feminine colours to rest.

2. DIY Projects Will be a Must:

Over the past few years DIY projects have been slowly gaining more and more popularity amongst home owners. In 2013, they will become a must for those who feel the urge to express themselves, and have unique home accessories and furniture. It doesn’t matter, if you are simply going to re-purpose old cabinetry, turning it in a mini garden shed, or come up with smart storage solutions. Creativity will be the driving power, allowing the home owner to actively take part in home decoration.

3. Suede and Wood Will Become the Most Desired Materials:

Interior design is becoming an industry with a lot of pull in society, thus the importance of the textures and materials used when decorating one’s home can no longer be overlooked. In the previous years, the importance of the way furniture felt to the touch was neglected, allowing functionality to be the leading characteristic to define a household object. However, home owners will expand their horizons in the search of beautiful, functional and pleasant-to-the-touch objects.

Suede and wood will be the go-to options for both professional designers and amateurs, so be prepared for the rush! Nevertheless, our Fantastic Cleaners Melbourne kindly remind you that suede is a very hard-to-clean material, so if you are willing to incorporate it into your home décor, you should consider how to properly maintain it.

4. Crochet, Embroidery and Knitting Will Make a Dazzling Return:

Remember all those times your granny tried to teach you how to knit? In 2013, you will wish you have at least tried to focus on her lessons, as embroidery, knitting and crochet will be amongst the top ways to decorate your home originally. While these century-old hobbies are making their unpredicted return, you can still try to learn a trick or two and make your home so much more cheerful!

5. Stripes Will Add Dynamics to Your Interior Design

Cheerful and dynamic, yet without any pomposity, stripes will become a welcome guest at any house. If you manage to incorporate them in your home décor in an elegant manner (don’t go overboard with the idea), you will have a vivid addition to your interior design. The best part is that you can make anything stand out with a bold dash of stripes – carpets, art pieces, wallpapers and upholstery can be the focal point of your room with vibrant stripes to define them!

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