Time for Spring Cleaning

Despite the low temperatures and cloudy, rainy weather, it is already spring time here in Melbourne. Even though, we don’t stand too high of a chance for gleeful sunny days at least till the end of this week, the feeling that the winter has come to an end makes me smile. However, with the pleasant thoughts of warmth, sunlight and long walks in the park comes the idea of spring cleaning. It is a mandatory chore which shouldn’t be underestimated.

Why Is Spring Cleaning Mandatory?

While I am certain that you can find countless articles on the Internet how to avoid spring cleaning, you and I both know you can’t really skip it. Very soon the sun will light up the sky and brighten your living room. Instead of enjoying the first joyous rays of spring warmth, you will be forced look at all the little signs you have been neglecting your domestic chores during the winter.

The windows are far from shiny and the smears on them cloud your view. There is a thin but rather noticeable layer of dust on the books on your bookshelf. The colours of the carpet seem less vivid (or if you have to be honest the carpeting is just too dirty for you to distinguish the original colours). One thing is for sure, you simply can’t lay back and relax until everything shines ready for the new season.

Quick Spring Cleaning Tips

Seasonal cleaning is a time-consuming task. In case you want to do it right, you will most likely be forced to devote an entire weekend to it. You can opt to delegate the chores to professionals like our Fantastic Cleaners Melbourne. Booking our spring cleaning service will save you time and efforts. However, no matter if you plan to do all the cleaning on your own or hire experts, there are some preparations and planning that you need to cross off your To Do list before begin with the actual clean up.


If there is anything that will protect you from having to do the housework, it is certainly chaos. You can’t really deep clean a room unless it is absolutely tidied up. Dive straight into the areas of your home which are overflowing with toys, magazines, scattered memorabilia and other items. Decide what you want to keep and what you will have to throw away or possibly donate.

Think about the 12-month-rule: If you or anyone else in your household hasn’t used an item for twelve months or more, it should go. While you are focused on home organisation, you should also consider investing in quality storage solutions. Once you have every item categorized and put away, you are less likely to find yourself in a similar situation next season.

Make To Do Lists

Spring is not only the perfect time to deep clean your home. It is about time you get your hands (or your local handyman’s hands) dirty with some mandatory home improvements. Walk around the house room by room and take notes on everything that needs cleaning and/ or repairs. For example, if your living room door squeaks, write it down and decide when you will have a closer look at it. Don’t forget to list all the chores too. Decide when to clean the windows, the carpets and even scrub the kitchen cabinets.

Gear Up

If you really want to succeed in your mission to spring clean your home, you need to gear up. You wouldn’t want to loose your momentum just because you have run out of cleaning detergent. You need to stock up on brushes for different surfaces, at least a couple of sponges in different colours, rubber gloves and your favourite cleaning products. If you are a DIY girl (or boy), you can mix your own green cleaners. In that case make sure you have all the ingredients like vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice in your cabinets.

Make It Fun

If you are one of those lucky people who greet their neighbours by name, you can think of a way to make spring cleaning a bonding event for your community. Offer to help out or invite friends and neighbours for a clean up party. Get pizza, beverages and play some music. Cleaning can be fun too!

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