The TATT Syndrome


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Do you feel tired all the time (TATT)? In case, you are wondering whether there is something wrong with you, you should consider the TATT syndrome as a possibility as even physicians have started using the acronym in their medical reports.

A new survey has indicated that at least one in five people in Britain suffers from the new “disease”. Still, very few of them actually have a medical condition that can explain the constant fatigue they are forced to deal with day after day. Instead of writing the problem off as “a seasonal thing”, you should address it by implementing a few changes in your eating and drinking habits, comment experts.

First of all, you need to rule out the main suspect when it comes to constant tiredness, you ought to exclude vitamin deficiency and hormonal problems by doing some blood tests. Once you are in the clear, you can try some of the professionals’ favourite tricks to fighting the TATT syndrome:

Food & Drinks to Fight Constant Fatigue

Make sure to drink at least six glasses of water a day. You should also include tea, juices and even coffee (not more than a cup or two) in your fluid diet to successfully stay energized the entire day. While some survey have since long proven that a glass of wine is beneficial to your health, you should try to limit its consumption to weekends only – when you have enough time to sleep in. The reason is that even mild alcohol like wine will lower the quality of your sleep, causing you to feel TATTered on the following day.

Vitamins are vital for any aspect of your health. Naturally, it is best to intake as many as possible in their natural form – fruits, herbs, vegetables, and grains. However, if, for any, reason you can’t get enough of those, you should consider adding a supplement to your meal. The improvement won’t happen overnight but in the long-term you will start feeling much better, less lethargic and more prepared to face anything the new day has to offer you.

Exercise for Energy

Spending your entire day in front of the laptop screen – both at home and at work will do you no good. Instead, you can try to include some workouts before or after work. You can combine them with your daily cleaning routine. For instance, you can vacuum clean to the tunes of your favourite song, using the repetitive movements to stretch your arms and legs. Add a few jumps to your dust cleaning routine, and some more squats to the de-cluttering, and you have a complete sex of physical exercises to keep your blood pumping.

Short-Time Solutions to Fight the TATT Syndrome

When TATT strucks you in the middle of the work day, you should have a few tricks up your sleeve, so that you can stay on top of your game. Here are three simple and very easy alternative to gulping down yet another cup of double espresso:

1. Sniff Herbs – It might sound a bit peculiar but sniffing some mint will keep you alert for the rest of the afternoon.

2. Dark Chocolate – All chocolate contains theobromine – a stimulant, almost identical to caffeine that doesn’t “shock” your nerve system the way coffee would. However, you need to get dark chocolate as it contains more of the stimulant as compared to milk chocolate.

3. Stretch – Stretching or some exercise after having been sitting for hours in front of the laptop will instantly wake you up, and give you new energy to continue doing your job without feeling run-down.

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