The Rise of The Green Roof Industry

What is a Green Roof?

Before we start discussing the rise of the green roof industry in Australia, one must understand the meaning of the term green roof. A green roof is a building or a roof, partially or entirely covered in growing medium and vegetation. It is a complex system that requires the implementation of root barriers, irrigation and drainage systems and waterproofing the entire area where the greenery is.

It is widely debated whether container gardens can be considered as green roof structures since there the plants are grown in containers and not directly on top of the building itself. Rooftop ponds, on the other hand, are accepted as green roof systems, mainly due to their usefulness when recycling grey water.

Along with living walls, green roofs have numerous environmental, social and, yes, economic benefits. They create the optimal plant-building symbiosis which provides safe working environment while growing various plants and housing numerous biological species.

Why is it Hard to Create a Green Roof System in Australia?

While green roofs are already very popular overseas, in Australia, they have yet to be discovered. The simple reason behind the delay in adopting this extremely environmentally-conscious practice is the harsh climate in the country. Nevertheless, a few projects like the Fytogreen establishment atop the Victorian Desalination Plant and the Melbourne office of Origin Energy created by the Greenwall Company have kick-started the adoption of green wall and roof building in Australia.

With new researches and the development of a plant selection matrix to help pick the best vegetation for our climate, the “concrete jungle” of Melbourne promises to soon be transformed into a fabulous green paradise. If you are more interested in busting the myths about green roofs take a look at the website of Growing Up. You will be amazed at how cost-effective adding a green roof to your company building can be. Needless to say the benefits are numerous!

To find out more about green roofs in Melbourne and how the government plans to support their creation, visit this site!

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