The Perfect Gift or at Least one That Won’t Be Re-Gifted

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While searching for the perfect gift you might feel at a loss, especially if you are buying for someone you don’t know very well a new sweetheart or just a picky friend, known for exchanging her gifts for stuff he/ she “likes better”. Don’t worry it is a problem so common nowadays that even scientists have found grounds to conduct a research on which gifts are less likely to be re-gifted.

As it turns out, perfume is the ultimate no-brainer when you need to buy a Christmas present for a picky friend. According to a survey, conducted by Priceline, most people (about 70% of the participants) like to receive scents, and won’t re-gift a perfume. Right next to the “little black dress” of holiday gifts, people have ranked high-end cosmetics, even though, only 39% of the respondents have voted for the beauty products.

Why Perfume Makes For Such a Nice Gift?

Nowadays, people have so many styles – one at work, one at home, one for an evening out, and let’s face it, we like to diversity. The same applies to the way we smell. Researches have shown that a regular person has at least two or three different fragrances, and he/ she likes to change them often, therefore, having an extra pick of perfumes is always handy.

How to Choose the Right Fragrance?

The worst idea ever is to pick something you like. Not that you have a bad taste, but people have different opinions on which perfume smells good, and there is a high chance of getting the wrong one. The best way to choose the right fragrance is to take notice of the type of perfume your dear one likes to wear. There is always a pattern – floral, oriental, citrus, chypre, green and fougere are the basic types of fragrances, and no matter how many perfumes one owns, he/ she usually sticks to one of the main type.

Basically, you need to find out which one (not too difficult), and to buy a similar perfume. In case, you are not certain that you can pick something that will appeal to your loved one, you can always find out what kind of perfume he/ she prefers, and get the same. One can never have too much of something he/ she likes!

Where do YOU stand on gifting perfumes? Would you re-gift one you don’t particularly like?

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