The January Chores: Motivation is Essential

One of the best months to get motivated, without any doubt, is January. The first month of the year is the time when you get motivated to do something, so it is a good way to do the small cleaning chores around your home. Here I can offer you a few fine ideas about the cleaning in your home.

  • Take care of your plants. Clean the leaves of the dusty ones an water them. Your house plants are especially important for your home as they provide some fresh air for you. You can also enjoy their great decorating value.
  • Vacuum, spin and flip your mattress. This easy-to-do job will surely boost your sleep as it will make your bed comfortable and hygiene. A good mattress cleaning will extend the longevity of your mattress and may give you hints, if it is time to change it. Usually in the process of cleaning you can easily see, if this mattress needs to be changed.
  • Clean effectively the cupboard. First of all, this is a very good chance to get rid of all the useless stuff and items stacked in the cupboard. Make sure to throw away everything, which is broken, badly stained or torn, as well as the things you haven’t used for more than a year.
  • Fix all the small home problems, such as broken electrical plates or locks. Quickly sweep the house and check your sinks and tubes for leaks or clogs. All that you may need for this little task can be found in the nearest home improvement store.
Megan Steel

About Megan Steel

For Megan, landscaping has been a lifetime passion, and writing about it gives her great pleasure. Ms. Steel specializes in contemporary landscape design, and planting, but she also acknowledges the European style, and classic looks (which she has studied in Italy and Spain). If you want to recreate a little piece of heaven right in your backyard, Megan can help you make it happen, so stay tuned for her articles!
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