The Eight Traits of an Organised Mum – Part Two

You still haven’t quite figured out how other mums manage to juggle everything on their plates?

Today, we continue to explore the eight traits each organised mum should posses. In the previous post, we discussed the art of balancing your domestic responsibilities and your career development. Naturally, we went through the mystical ritual of getting things done. Finally, we tackled the problem of being more organised both in your space and in your time. Without further ado, we continue to the second part of the eight traits of an organised mother:

#4 Be on Time

Punctuality these days is often neglected, for some it is a dirty word even. From making a fashionable entrance at a party to just being overwhelmed by all the other chores you need to cross off your To Do list, it is becoming tougher and tougher to be on time. However, if you ask organised people what the benefits from being organised are, everyone will tell you the same ting – it saves time.

Think about how much easier it would be if you didn’t have to turn the entire house upside down to look for your keys before you head out. It might seem like nothing much to save a couple of minutes here and there but in the end they will all add up to more free time for you – time you can spend with your loved ones.

The good news is that time management skills can be learnt. If you know how to divide your time properly, you will be able to organise your daily schedule more effectively. This will reflect even on your stress levels as when you have a plan for the day and you know exactly what and when to do, you won’t worry as much.

#5 Use the Right Tools for the Job

Just like with cleaning, when you decide to reorganise your home, you will have better chances of triumphing over the clutter, if you know which tools you need. One way to get started is to use professional help. This will get you on the fast track to success. However, you also need to learn how to maintain the high level of tidiness on a daily basis. Here is what you need to win the battle with chaos:

  • A tape measure – make sure you have enough space for everything and you know precisely how each item fits into your storage facility;
  • Rubbish bags – don’t be afraid to throw away anything you haven’t used for longer than a month (seasonal clothes and items excluded);
  • Labels – the key to long-term organisation is proper labelling. It may sound a bit OCD but with labels your life would be easier. Whether you get a label maker or you simply add sticky notes to each box, bottle and jar is your personal decision;
  • An open mind.

#6 Has Helpful Kids

An organised mum’s greatest pride and joy are her lovely, helpful kids. But how do you teach your children to be responsible and to help you with the housework. Well, to be honest, this is something you should do no matter whether you are an organised mum or not. After all, you want to raise your little angels to become responsible adults you can be proud of.

Toddlers and young kids enjoy helping mum and dad. Doing simple tasks brings them tons of joy. So, why not take advantage of that and start creating healthy habits as early as possible?

#7 Has Time For Family and Friends

Every parent will tell you how important it is to spend some ‘grown up’ time with friends. Sometimes, though, it is tough to accommodate everyone’s schedule. Once again good time management skills will some in handy. If you take the 168 hours you have at your disposal each week and relocate them carefully, you will find out that you have more time than you originally thought.

Over the years, you have probably noticed how the important people in your life (beside family members) become fewer and fewer. There is nothing wrong with that as long as you nurture only healthy relationships. De-clutter your life from all the people who make you feel sad and miserable and leave only those who bring you joy. The people who will stand by you in bad situation as well as good ones.

#8 Find ‘Me’ Time

When was the last time you did something only for yourself? Do you have time for hobbies or even to do your manicure right? If you can’t recall when you snuggled on the couch with a grown up book you really wanted to read, you are overdue for a schedule rearrangement. Having ‘Me’ time is, in my humble opinion, the biggest perk of being an organised mum.

Tell me what you think about the eight traits of an organised mum. How many of them do you implement in your day-to-day life? How many would you like to?

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