Relationship Busters: Cleaning Chores

How often do you fight with your partner over the housework? If you think about it, this is the most common reasons you go to bed infuriated. Why are the cleaning chores such a relationship buster? It’s simple: women feel that their work is unappreciated, men believe that they have their “secret men’s business” covered, and so the endless cycle of disputes is set into motion.

The Research

It is no secret that many researches have been conducted about the correlation between cleaning chores and relationships. While we can sincerely say that some of them are a marketing trick to sell more cleaning products, the facts remain: In Australia, every fifth woman believes she is being burdened with all the housework, while her partner does close to nothing to aid the everyday functions of the household. Consequently, the cleaning chores are really one of the dullest relationship busters that have great chances of ruining your love life.

Who Cleans Better: Men or Women?

Leaving aside the couples that have a partner who does the cleaning, and one who simply fakes it by strategically placing the cleaning detergent near the need-to-be-cleaned areas, we will discuss how men and women clean. Statistics indicate that a man could easily vacuum clean the entire apartment in about 5 minutes, while a lady would need at least an average of 30 minutes (if she is really pressed for time). The quality of the job… let’s leave that to your imagination…

3 Golden Rules of a Good Relationship

If you have had enough of fighting over whose turn it is to vacuum clean, you should try to set in motion the three golden rules of a good relationship. After all, the cleaning chores shouldn’t be the biggest relationship buster there is. In reality, doing them together, in harmony, can bring you closer together, not vice versa. How to beat the housework, and stay madly in love? Here are the 3 golden rules that will help you:

1. Stop: From this point on, you ARE leaving all the sites that publish various surveys about how the cleaning can affect your relationship. If you don’t fight over the chores, why start now simply because outsiders tell you that you should think about who works harder at home. If it isn’t broken, don’t try to fix it!

2. Start: If you DO fight over the chores, it is high time to be civil about it, and solve the problem by sitting down and making a list. Dividing the unpleasant duties equally, according to each partner’s strengths and weaknesses, is the best way to approach the “buster”. Most couples do that subconsciously, without involving a pencil and a piece of paper, but if you need them, that’s ok, too. Here is a nice post in one of our favourite aspiring Aussie blogs that can help you figure out how to divide the chores.

3. Think: The best solution to avoiding cleaning-related disputes is to outsource to a cleaning company like us. It will save you both time and nerves, and you will have more time to work on your relationship, come up with romantic gestures, or simply be together.

Are the cleaning chores a relationship buster in your household? Who does them?

Margaret Swanton

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