Queen’s Birthday in Australia

Are you ready for this long weekend? Every year in Australia with the exception of Western Australia the official birthday of the monarch of the Commonwealth Nations, Queen Elizabeth II, is celebrated on the second Monday of June. It is one of the official public holidays in the country, so most Aussies have the day off and can enjoy an extended, three-day weekend. In 2013 the date of the Queen’s Birthday is 10th of June.

What Happens on the Queen’s Birthday in Australia

Most people use the time to visit friends and relatives, go camping or participate in the numerous events organized in all of Australia. They can attend sports events like the annual Australian Football League game at the Melbourne Cricket Club ground (MCG) aka “The G”. It is also considered as the official opening of the ski season. Additionally, there are horse races, local events like brunches and the mandatory festivals that encompass the Queen’s Birthday in Australia.

Aside from the festive atmosphere, the Queen’s Birthday celebrations also include the bestowing of honours issued either by the monarch or the government for exceptional service to the country, the Australian nation or to humanity. The honours list consists of the names of new members accepted in the Order of Australia and other citizens with exceptional accomplishments.

Events for the Queen’s Birthday in Melbourne

Naturally, the public life in Melbourne is bursting with numerous events all over the city to highlight the holiday. As usual the city provides something for everyone – from musical festivals to all-Bristish brunches, from exhibitions to sports events for children and adults and participation in most of them is free. Depending on your interests and personal preferences you can have your pick from the top Queen’s Birthday events in Melbourne. If you still haven’t made up your mind, let me share with you mi favourite happenings:

Free Light in Winter Festival

Winter is coming… and you can help banish it from our homes and hearts with light. For the seventh consecutive year, Federation Square organises the Light in Winter Festival – a month-long program which includes numerous exhibitions, workshops, film screenings. The highlight of the festival is the Solstice Celebration from 20th till 23rd of June. You can visit the Federation Square on the Queen’s Birthday and marvel at the beautiful and creative lighting installations by local and international artists and feel in the genuine community involvement.

Melbourne International 3-Day Event Equestrian (MI3DE)

Melbourne International 3 Day  Event EquestrianAustralia has a rich history of organising and winning at equestrian events. One of the most exciting local competitions with international fame is the Melbourne International 3-Day Event Equestrian aka MI3DE. An annual happening, set up at the picturesque Werribee Park Precinct also highlights and celebrates the Queen’s Birthday. Everyone who loves horses can join the audience to see Australian and international jockeys push their studs to the limit in the so called “equine triathlon”.

Mr Wow’s Queen Birthday Celebration

Mr Wow’s Emporium a famous bar in Melbourne is home to Melbourne Bocce League (MBL). It is known for the great music played there and the intricate, delicious drinks and cocktails it serves. For the Queen’s Birthday, the management has planned to open the MBL season and organise a royal costume theme party with lots of great prizes for the participants with the most creative and accurate outfits. If you are looking for the hottest place to be on Sunday evening, 9th of July, this is certainly the spot to visit!

Have fun on your long weekend!

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