A Plan For the New Year: Improve Your Home

At the beginning of every year people make plans how to improve their lives, what they need to change, and how to achieve their goals. However, very few start making plans on how to improve their homes as early as the start of the year. Nevertheless, this is the perfect time to dream, no matter what type of renovations you are thinking of – big or small.

Here are some tips how to plan your home improvement projects, so that you and your dwelling can get the most of them:

1. Assessment:

The first thing you need to do when planning your home improvement activities is to take a slow walk through your home, and make a list of the necessary repairs, and the things you would like to upgrade/ change. Make sure you distinguish both clearly, since you wouldn’t want to end up installing new high-end countertops, and forgetting to repair the leaky pipe in the basement which can cause you a lot of trouble.

2. Inspiration:

Don’t wait for the beginning of the project to pick out the colour schemes, the designs and etc., unless you are ready to settle with an obviously rushed output. Use the first couple of months of the year to get inspiration from different sources like magazines, Pinterest, online editions, and so on.

3. Budget:

Right after Christmas and New Year’s party, your budget might be rather tight but instead of getting discouraged, you should rise up to the challenge, and start planning the project for the upcoming months. Delaying the home improvement works for later during the year will give you enough time to calculate the costs, estimate how much time will be needed to complete the project, decide whether you are going to do it yourself or you will hire contractors.

4. Help:

In case you decide that you want to try a DIY project, ask your relatives and friends for help. Make inquiries as to experience your helpers have with home improvement work. Just in case things don’t go as originally planned, get the number of a reputable contractor, and get a quote from him/ her.

5. Permits:

If you have your mind set on a major renovation project that requires plumbing, electricity or even structural trades that could involve applying for permits, you should start filling in the forms as early as possible since it may take some time to acquire approval from the local authorities. In case you are unsure what paperwork needs filling, you should hire a specialist to help you – a far better alternative that getting a fine later.

Last but not least, don’t forget to enjoy yourself while planning, and implementing the home improvement project. After all, you are doing it for your own benefit!

Margaret Swanton

About Margaret Swanton

Meet Margaret Swanton. She is a freelance writer who likes to “tackle” the issues of home improvement and organizing. Margaret has 15 years of experience writing for various online magazines in Australia, and Fantastic Cleaners are proud to have her on their team of authors. The posts, presented by Ms Swanton are easy-to-read, interesting and, most importantly, helpful.
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