Pinata Cookies: Step-by-Step Guide


We have all seen them… and admired them… and wonders how to make those colourful piñata cookies. To ease your search, we have a picture, showing a step-by-step guide on how to make piñata cookies.

1. Prepare the dough – Digg up your favourite cookie dough recipe, and get down to mixing it up. The only difference is that you will have to add some food colouring to the mixture to achieve that wonderful splash of colours at the end.

2. Prepare the Foundation – Roll out the dough, and slice each colour into thin strips. Arrange the strips as shown on the picture, and then cut the foundation into shapes with your favourite cookie cutter (not necessarily a pony).

3. Bake – Follow the instructions of your recipe, and bake accordingly.

4. Form the piñata – For each piñata cookie, you will need 3 layers of freshly baked cookie figures. To form the “pocket” for the candy, you should cut the heart of the middle layer (as indicated on the picture above).

5. Glue the layers together – If you are new to using edible sugar glue, here is a nice video tutorial, you can follow. Before gluing the last piece, don’t forget to add the M&M candies!

You are all set to have a feast with the piñata cookies you have just made!

Megan Steel

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