Pancake Tuesday – a Day for a Delicious Record

The day that marks the last opportunity for many Christians to indulge in pleasantries has many names – Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Tuesday or Pancake Day. Today the West Footscray chef, Andy Wrobel, has beaten his record of preparing the highest tower of pancakes. With height of 77 cm, consisting out of over 60 layers of pancakes, the culinary Pisa Tower is on its way to entering the Guiness Book of Records.

History of Pancake Day

Shrove Tuesday or also known in Britain and Australia as Pancake Tuesday or Pancake Day is the last day before the 40-day-long Easter Lent, which starts on Ash Wednesday. The delicious name Pancake Day dates back to a centuries-old tradition of using up the fattening ingredients, strictly forbidden during the Lent. Back then the most common fattening products people had at home were, naturally, milk and eggs. The most simple, and so yummy, way to “get rid” of the tempting food was to add some flour and make pancakes for the entire family.

Pancake Day Today

Nowadays, many people neglect to follow the rules of the Easter Lent. What they do enjoy, however, are continuing the Shrove Tuesday custom of preparing pancakes. In some English villages the entire community gathers to share various recipes for pancakes. Some even organise races for the most delicious set or for the person who can throw a pancake the highest with the pan (and then catch it). In Australia, the occasion has been highlighted by the efforts of the amazing chef.

Andy Wrobel has managed to astonish the numerous witnesses with his skills by making the world’s highest pancake tower – a day for celebrations, indeed. The event was held in Melbourne Central at the Shot Tower Square.

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