OCD and Celebrities | Part Two

A while ago I did a post on the dirty cleaning secrets of three celebrities – Alec Baldwin, Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Since there was quite the interest in it, I decided to dig some more and find other stars who share the same fate. Before I give you the “good stuff”, let me remind you the highlights of the previous part of OCD and Celebrities:

You will be surprised how many stars actually suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). They have bizzare rituals before leaving the house, suffer from insomnia when something is out of place and refuse to touch the doorknob. The odd compulsions and obsessive rituals may sound funny to you but experts believe that they might be the reason of these celebrities’ success.

Jessica Alba

Beautiful and successful, Jessica Alba is certainly a wonderful role model not only for her kids but for little girls all over the world. When the Fantastic Four star announced she has been struggling with OCD almost her entire life, everyone was stunned. Positive as always, Jessica managed to point point the pluses of being OCD. According to Jessica, her fixation to do everything perfectly is the main reason for her success.

David Beckham

A football star, a model and a great dad, David Beckham has become an icon. At home, he has his own tactics to keeping the entire household in world class shape. While demanding his clothes be colour coded is nothing out of the ordinary, the British football team captain is also fixated on symmetry. Even the drinks in the refrigerator must be an even number and arranged by height, brand and type.

Natalie Appleton

Years ago, Natalie Appleton was part of the British pop formation All Saints. The celebrity admits to having a problem with cleaning. Well, not as much a problem as an obsession. She needs to clean up anything that she comes in contact with. Needless to say, she has an immense problem with public toilets and other surfaces openly exposed to germ and bacteria.

Justin Timberlake

Just like David Beckam, Justin also stocks his fridge only with certain foods and wants them to be organised in a specific way. The singer admits to suffering from a mix of OCD and ADD (attention deficit disorder). However, Timberlake believes these can’t stop him from living his life and doing what he loves.

Charlize Theron

This blonde star also needs to be in control of her surroundings. She has organisational compulsions and she can’t tolerate messiness anywhere near her. Just like Jennifer Love Hewitt (from the previous post on OCD and Celebrities) Charlize gets insomnia every time she imagines cluttered cabinets. Actually, the beauty fears some day she will go as far as rearranging a stranger’s kitchen drawers just so she can have the peace of mind that everything is orderly.

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