National Walk To Work Day

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) the diabetes problem has gone out of proportions and we are now facing a pandemic. The organisation identified the cause of the global diabetes epidemic to be obesity and physical inactivity. On the bright side though, the disease can easily be prevented and it’s not that hard actually. You just have to spare half an hour for moderate-intensity exercises on most days and eat healthy. But not many of us are aware of the risk of diabetes and as a consequence most of us don’t do anything to prevent it.

For that reason Diabetes Australia, one of the oldest diabetes association in the world, is trying to promote awareness and raise funds by annually launching the “Diabetes Australia Walk to Work Day,” this year on 14 November. The goal of the organisation is to popularize regular walking and consequently, reduce the incidence of diabetes.

Why is walking good for your health?

Except for reducing traffic and helping the environment, people who cycle or walk instead of driving to work are less likely to suffer obesity and high blood pressure. Studies have shown that as a consequence of their commuting habits the former are also around 40% less likely to develop diabetes.

Why is that?

Walking strengthens your cardiovascular system, i.e. minimises the risk of heart diseases. It also keeps levels of bad (LDL) cholesterol in check and as a consequence, reduces risk of diabetes by up to 60%.

Walking also helps you keep fit. Personal trainers say that people who are trying to lose weight need to burn at least 500 calories more than they take in and walking is a good way to start. It also boosts your metabolisms and increases muscle tone and mass.

Last but not least, walking gives you energy. Taking a brisk walk will increase your oxygen supply and circulation in your body which will definitely make you feel fresh and energized.

So on 14 November leave your car be at least for a day and walk to work. It’s definitely worth it!

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