Mothers Day Classic in Melbourne

Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. It is a day to honour our mothers’ efforts and show them our appreciation. There are numerous events that highlight the holiday like brunches, high tea at various clubs and restaurants, exhibitions and so on. Definitely, the biggest event is Mother’s Day Classic – a charity marathon to support the fight with breast cancer.

Participants in the marathon can choose to run in either the 4 km or the 8 km course. The tracks snakes its way around the Tan and Alexandra Gardens, allowing the participants to enjoy the scenic view. The marathon is open for people of all walks of life and all fitness levels. If you don’t feel fit enough to enter the run itself, you can always show your support by volunteering to help with the organization of the event.

This year will be the 16th annual Mother’s Day Classic. The first marathon was initiated by the Women in Super in 1998. Thanks to the combined efforts of physicians, researchers and charity organizations the survival rate of the women diagnosed with breast cancer has risen to 89%. You can visit the official website of the event right here.

More than half a million Australians have participated in the Mother’s Day Classic events so far, if you want to be one of them, check for available spots at the official website. Additionally, you can still go and cheer for the runners from the audience spots.

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