Melbourne Magic Festival 2013

“Magic – a word used by dreamers and fantasy fans, is bound to return in our lives for two weeks in July.”

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Starting on July 1st until the 13th , Melbourne Magic Festival will make you believe in the most extraordinary illusions. Magic is so much more than a few smartly executed tricks on the stage – it is an art taken very seriously by the performers.

Thirteen days are all it takes to include 175 different performances in over 40 shows. Artists from the four corners of the world come to Melbourne to present their newest and most amazing tricks, stunts and magnificent illusions. The biggest name in the list of participants is Wayne Houchin. He is known not only for his mind-blowing shows but also for his work with the renowned magastar Criss Angel and for co-founding one of the most popular magic websites – theory11.

While Wayne Houchin inserts a lot of his typical American charm into his presentation, there will be many respected local magicians to offer an Aussie intake on magic. In addition to the spectacular shows that will surely dazzle everyone from kids to adults, non-professionals and enthusiasts can join workshops, trainings and open discussions along with the pros and swap techniques, learn new tricks and discuss the latest innovations in the world of illusions.

Educational Sessions During the Melbourne Magic Festival

One of the main ideas behind the festival is to educate people of all walks of life about magic and keep the spark of the trait alive. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that throughout the two weeks everyone is welcome to take part in the numerous workshops.

  • Magic School – A workshop for beginners lead by Tim Credible. The classes will be on every day except Sunday from 12.30 pm.
  • The Magic Class – Lee Cohen will coach kids who love magic.
  • Magic Class for Adults – Simon Coronel will offer his unique intake on how magic should be taught.
  • Move Monkeys – The most exciting workshop where both expert magicians and amateurs can exchange experience and swap moves. The best part – it is absolutely free!
  • Lectures by Wayne Houchin – If you want to hear one of the most renowned illusionists has to say about magic, you should definitely book a ticket.
  • The False Panel – Six experienced magicians will try to answer the most difficult questions of the audience.

You can find the full program of the festival on and book your ticket online. Last year, the Melbourne Magic Festival was visited by over 10, 000 magic lovers, let’s double the numbers!

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