Melbourne Festival 2014

Rejoice my fellow Melbournians, THE festival is only three days away.

Being a vital part of not only Melbournian, but Australian cultural calendar as well, the festival brings along many positive emotions, as well as an unparalleled feast of music, dance, theatre, and many other events from both up-and-coming and renowned artists from all over the world.

This year, for the second time since modern Melbourne was founded in 1835, its citizens will be invited by the elders of the Kulin nation to witness the Tanderrum. This is a ceremony bound by hundreds of years of history which celebrates culture and the ground that we all walk upon today. Right after the ceremony, the festival will commence with a free Big hART concert in Federal Square.

In 2014, the Melbourne Festival will also focus on circus performance as a form of art in their own right. This comes as no surprise to those who are familiar with the circus art, as in the past years Australia has been at the forefront of a truly spectacular rise in contemporary circus. What drives the interest forwards is the combination of skill, innovation and ambition of Australian performers, who also have attracted an ever-increasing international attention. With six numbers, from the Chinese Nanjing Project, to the astonishing performance of the Montreal’s Cirque Éloize, prepare to be amazed!

But that’s not all Melbourne Festival 2014 has to offer you. Far from it. You will also get to enjoy a variety other performances. And in spite of it being so close, you can still experience the buzz around this spectacle of modern art. Just don’t waste more time and get a ticket because soon enough there won’t be any left. Plus, there are many more free events that will be worth seeing, so don’t miss out.

Margaret Swanton

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