Melbourne – A Better Place to Raise a Family Than Sydney

Melbourne vs. Sydney. A centuries-old rivalry. Which one is bigger, better, wealthier, more cultural, or business-friendly? According to the latest statistics, more Australians choose to move to Melbourne. The city is growing in size and population and its economy keeps rising by the day.Demographer Bernard Salt even suggests at this rate Melbourne might soon overtake Sydney. Both rivals are present in The Economist’s ranking for the globe’s most liveable cities. It’s worth mentioning though, Melbourne tops the list for the third time in a row.

According to the growing number of young couples who move to Melbourne, it is also a better place to start a family. But what does Victoria’s capital have, that Sydney can’t offer?

Cheaper housing

While Melbourne is a costly city to live in by any means, it still is less expensive to find a comfortable three bedroom house in a decent Western suburb here, than in Sydney. If we think of housing as the ground stone to raise a family, then Melbourne gets a head start.

Better transport

Both cities need some improvements in terms of transportation as they are quite loaded. But Melbourne leads the way with its superb tram system and better public transport. Also, it offers an astonishing 670 kilometres worth of bike paths around the city.

More business opportunities

There is more space for growth and finding a niche in Melbourne, unlike the mostly corporate business landscape of Sydney. The capital of the Victoria state offers a friendlier attitude towards start-ups. This is a great chance for development of a family business, or a new occupation for stay-at-home mums.

“Australia’s culture capital”

As clichéd as it sounds, Melbourne is the most splendid cultural centre in Australia and one of the leading cities on the world’s art scene. The multicultural society in this town is a fine example of how international features collide and form a coherent artistic environment. The city is sometimes referred to have an European atmosphere and is the home of one of Australia’s leading international arts festivals.

The truth is Melbourne and Sydney are both exceptional cities, not only in Australian, but in world terms as well. Each has its very own distinct atmosphere. But when you choose where to raise your family, the obvious answer Australia seems to give is Melbourne.

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