Living in a Tiny Apartment For 15 Years

A man has been living in a tiny French apartment for 15 years, and has never complained about it. While renting a dwelling in Paris is known to be more than expensive, the story of the 50-year-old man has shaken people all over the world. He has been paying $418 a month for an attic “apartment” that can only be described as inhabitable.

Why Inhabitable?

The place, as you can see from the picture above is more than run-down, it is too small to even stand up straight. Nevertheless, the man known only as Dominique has been paying his rent month after moth without complaint, regardless of the fact that his “home” lacks even a bathroom. The only piece of furniture in the dwelling has been his bed.

How Has Dominique Been Living in That Tiny French Apartment for 15 Years?

The man shared with the listeners to the French radio RTL that the only time he spent in the tiny apartment has been late at night, when he came back to go to bed. Sadly, his low income wouldn’t allow him to look for a temporary accommodation, until he finds better rental dwelling, so he has been forced to put up with what his landlord has provided him with.

How Did the News Came to Light?

Finally, after putting up with the terrible living conditions, Dominique has decided to turn to the famous housing advocacy group in the French capital – Foundation Abbe Pierre, to help him with the dispute with his landlord. Once the experts got a clear picture of the sufferings of the old man, they filed a law suit against his landlord. Renting the 1.56 square meters (which equals 16.8 square feet) is a clear violation of the French housing low that states that a minimum of 9 square meters is required for a rental dwelling to be inhabitable… and it must include a shower!

Is Living in a Small Space Possible?

The drama of the 50-year-old Dominique has really shaken up people all around the globe. Having end of tenancy problems with a landlord might be a common problem everywhere, but the question of human rights and how to fight for them seems to be more important than ever. Even here, in Australia, where the rents are not sky-high like the ones in Paris, a one bedroom rental without a balcony will cost you about $570 a week.

Never the less, with overpopulation of the metropolises, and the rise of rents, people have been forced to come up with clever solutions to make living in a small space possible, and the good news is that thanks to creative interior design, and making some compromises with your personal space (if you live with your partner or a room-mate) you can pull it off, and even be happy with what you have.

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