Last Minute Christmas Decoration

Decorating your home for Christmas has become an art, and sometimes even a competition with neighbours and relatives as to whose décor will be the most fabulous, extravagant, dazzling, and most importantly festive. It comes as no surprise that last minute Christmas decoration has become somewhat of an art – there is always something to add, something to alternate… just something…

Nevertheless, there are also the lazy ones who always seem to put off decorating for the holiday for the last minute. Nothing can boost your adrenalin like going in circles wondering where to find that Christmas tree just before Christmas Eve. If you can’t find anything good enough, you can always look at our Seasonal Décor section, where we have selected some very unusual suggestions for alternative Christmas trees.

Last Minute Christmas Ornaments and Accessories

Leaving the festive centrepiece aside, you can also touch up your Christmas decoration with some last minute ornaments and accessories. Take a walk outside the city, and gather some pine cones from the side of the road, or some leaves, or pieces of wood, and take them home. In case you have kids, I would strongly suggest disinfecting them before adding them to your Christmas décor as you can never know when your little angel might decide to “taste them”.

Afterwards you can dip them in golden, green or even red paint, sprinkle some artificial snow on them, and arrange them beautifully on a shelf, at the table or even hang them on your alternative Christmas tree. If you are in the mood of getting creative, you can also make retro popcorn garlands, or ornaments from gingerbread cookies.

Last Minute Christmas Lights and Candles

Nothing speaks more about Christmas than festive, multi-coloured lights. However, if they are too tacky for your taste, you can always put up some delicate fairy lights to class up your décor. You can easily claim that you are a fan of New-Age minimalistic Christmas decoration. Then your last minute efforts to do a lot with only a few touch ups will seem perfectly appropriate, and your sense of style will definitely be complimented.

There are many options to incorporating candles into your last minute Christmas decoration. You can place them on the window sills for a romantic I-am-waiting-for-Santa effect, or set them on the table for the festive diner. If you have a large bowl, you can fill it with water, add some food colouring, and let a single candle float in it – it makes for a lovely one-of-a-kind centrepiece.

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