Ladder Christmas Tree

Once again it is time for our Alternative Christmas Tree update. This time we have something very special prepared for you – a great selection of ladder Christmas trees. That is just about right – your old boring ladder can become the centre of your holiday festivities, and you don’t even need to apply a fresh coat of paint! Save money, and surprise everyone with your creativity.

If this seems rather plain, and not that Christmas-y, you can have your pick from other alternative ladder Christmas tree decorations that make your holiday decoration just the right kind of extraordinary. After all, we are in Australia, and instead of snowy, cold holiday, we get to be out on the beach, and enjoy yet another sunny day! So here is what I have in mind:

Small Ladder Christmas Tree: 

This little fellow is perfect for a small apartment! It is so lovely, and just high enough for your toddler to help decorate it, without you worrying about any accidents.

Ladder Christmas Tree with Branches:

Throw some branches, if you feel that the steps of the ladder won’t provide enough hanging space for all the decorations you want to add. To me, it sure looks festive!

Sparkling Ladder Christmas Tree:

A romantic solutions for all of you who treasure the spirit of Christmas. All you need is a ladder, and as many Christmas lamps as you can find, and you are all set for a enchanting celebration with your loved one… I don’t know about you but I am certainly surprising my sweetheart with a ladder-lit dinner on the floor!

Margaret Swanton

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