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The spirit of Christmas is already upon us, which means that it’s our favourite time of the year – unwrapping the presents Santa left us under the Christmas Tree. But before we get to the fun part, we have to actually buy them because, let’s face it, Saint Nicholas has quit his day job and leaving presents under the tree is now up to us.

And who loves presents the most? Kids of course. Shopping Christmas presents for children used to be a child’s play (pun intended), but nowadays picking the perfect gift for the little rascal is just a nightmare. There are so many new toys and gadgets that you’re simply overwhelmed. So if you’re a parent or the favourite aunt or uncle, wondering what’s on kids’ Christmas wish lists this year, here’s the list with the top 2k14 presents for children.

  • Nerf N-Strike Elite Demolisher 2-in-1
  • Toot-Toot Animals Safari park
  • Little Live Pets Birdcage
  • Minecraft figures
  • Frozen Snow Glow Elsa
  • Boomer Dino
  • The LeapTV
  • Doh Vinci Vanity-Box
  • Teksta T-Rex
  • My Friend Cayla

It’s evident that nowadays children are into technology and it’s quite natural. So parents, if you want to keep up with your kids, you have to get tech-savvy, fast.

But it’s still interesting to compare what did children ask Santa for a century ago. Stuff like candy, oranges, nuts, mittens/gloves, books, rocking horse, handkerchiefs and skates made the top of children’s lists. That puts things in perspective and makes you really think about the way we raise our children.

So before you decide to satisfy every whim of your precious kid, think about what’s best for him/her and why not even go for a nice book, or a simpler toy.

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