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Air pollution is not just a common world problem, it is an issue that can affect directly everyone of us and our children. So it is great that Australians have the Keep Australia Beautiful Week as a reminder for us to keep the environment clean not only on that special days, but on a daily basis.

What can we do to keep Australia clean?


Don’t use cars whenever possible. The exhaust emissions are extremely dirty and unhealthy because they include dangerous gases like carbon monoxide, oxides and nitrogen. An other option is to use a bike. Or to walk. This will be also good for your shape. Make sure your tires are properly inflated and avoid engines that smoke.


Clean only with environmentally friendly products and use safe paints.
Prevent evaporation into the air and follow the manufacturers’ instructions on using some products on work and at your home. Using burning-stove or a fireplace is not desirable unless they meet the EPA design specifications, but you better try gas logs instead.


Regularly remove leaves and yard taste. Use a natural fertilizer to keep your plants alive in order to avoid poisoning or pollution. This is crucial especially when you raise fruits and vegetables on your own. The other types of fertilizers actually poison them. You better don’t risk your health for a two or more tomatoes. In addition, raising food without noxious substances, makes it bio.

Think Reusable

Recent reports show that chemical contaminants can be found in plastic water bottles and more and more people refuse to buy them. Not to mention the huge number of disposable cups that are thrown each year. Use a stainless-steel bottle for carrying your beverages instead. It is safer and you’ll help the environment.


Make sure you’re buying only natural fabrics such as organic cotton and silk. Note that chemicals used in some clothes to keep them wrinkle free can heavily harm the environment. Look online for stores which offer such products.

Clean up Your Water

Using a water filter is crucial for maintaining your water and the environment around you clean. I guess you don’t want a faucet which leaks something dirty.

Plant a Tree

A cliché, I agree. But what is a list of making the world a greener and cleaner place without this tip? Plant as many as you can in your yard. The other advantage of the trees is the fruits.


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