Jeans: Do You Wash Them?

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Everybody loves jeans, especially those incredibly expensive ultra-modern designer products which cost a small fortune. However, when it comes to their everyday care, opinions vary. Some will tell you that if you wash your pair it will quickly fade or even worse, it might loose its “character”. Others, reasonably state that walking around in unwashed pants is simply disgusting.

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In some ways how you answer the question of how often (if at all) you wash your jeans speaks about your devotion to fashion. Fashion gurus like Tommy Hilfiger admit they never throw their denim outfits in the washing machine. Researches might state that Americans, in particular are more obsessed with cleanliness than ever before: washing their clothes after just one wearing and running off to the shower two, three times a day. Still, when you ask them about their jeans you might be shocked with the answers…

While some can afford to give up on their super-expensive jeans once they start to smell funny, others go to unexpected lengths to preserve their precious pairs for as long as possible. But, really, what can you do to prevent the dirt from making the fabric stiff? How can you remove the funny odour? The answer is simple you either stick your favourite jeans in the freezer amongst the chicken nuggets or you leave them on the line and pray the sunlight and the breeze will fix it up.

The dilemma “to wash or not to wash” even inspired a Canadian university student to wear his favourite pair of jeans for 15 months straight. Surprisingly, he concluded that the amount of bacteria and germs in the fibres never increased after the 13th day of wearing. Australian’s leading physician Dr Steve Hambleton also confirms there is nothing dangerous in wearing smelly pants… as long as you put on some clean underwear.

With the research to back it up it turns out cleaning your jeans is more a lifestyle choice rather than a health hazard. While intact skin does an amazing job at protecting you from the numerous organisms that may (or may not) live in the denim fibres, it can do close to nothing about the bad smell. Sunlight is a great natural cleaner, I will give you that but it can’t replace actual sanitizing. As far as the freezing goes, personally, I wasn’t brave enough to give it a try but if you are interested, you can read what our friends at Apartment Therapy have to say about it.

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