International Cleaners Day in Australia

The International Cleaners Day was first celebrated in the USA in 1990 under the name “Justice for Cleaners Day”. Over the past 20 years it has become a tradition to honour the labour of hygienists in the US, New Zeeland and Australia. Every year on 15th of June cleaners in these countries organize campaigns and festivities to mark their holiday.

The cleaners’ union in Australia called LHMU has been trying to promote the message “Respect our Jobs!” amongst citizens. Over 120, 000 employees are united in the country by the belief that low wage workers are also entitled to dignity in their field and the right of fair and just treatment at work.

Incentives on Cleaners Day in Australia

The International Cleaners Day is used as a reminder that there is no shame in any job and we must all respect this. Associations like Clean Start work all year round to provide better work conditions for cleaners. They fight the battle with big corporations and sometimes even with our government to support the hard workers.

On Cleaners Day people from all walks of life participate in rallies, marathons, local school events that aim to teach children to respect the cleaner’s job, and other thematic events. The highlight of the holiday is the awarding of the Golden Toilet Brush in Canberra. This is a mocking prize that “distinguishes” the cleaning company that provides the worst working conditions for its employees. In the past two years one and the same company has received the honours. To find out more about the offender click here.

Fantastic Cleaners Melbourne also supports its employees in their struggle with unfair treatment. We are happy to announce that the Golden Brush Award hasn’t been awarded to us, and we aim to continue treating every cleaner with respect because we honour their dignity. You can also support the Clean Start cause by taking the Pledge for Justice.

Happy International Cleaners Day!

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