Ice Cream Delight in Warmer Days

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Summer is right around the corner which means one thing and one thing only – it’s time for ice cream. We’ve got for you the top 3 must-try, amazing ice cream houses that will keep you cool and happy during the hot Melbourne summer months.

1. Jock’s Ice Cream and Sorbets

That is probably Melbourne’s most famous ice cream house. Over the years it has gained such a popularity that it has become a landmark. As such, it is simply compulsory to try out some of the stuff Jock makes. As he himself puts it, the classic flavours – chocolate and hokey pokey, never go out of style, but that doesn’t mean there is not something for those with more extravagant taste, like coffee, plum pudding and even Turkish delight.

2. N2 Extreme Gelato

This ice cream house makes pure science. I mean, they make liquid nitrogen gelato! How cool is that? (No pun intended.) With this in mind, there is no one flavour to be branded “the best”. All quirky tastes are worth exploring, so go on and have a blast! (Again, no pun intended.)

3. Gelateria Primavera

Number one on our list is the masterpiece of mango and orange sorbet combined with roasted hazelnut flavour, brought to you by Gelateria Primavera. And this is only one of the flavours that will blow your mind and make you stay there forever! So go check out this authentic Italian dessert place.

You cannot go wrong with any kind of ice cream (well, except for maybe some of the more wacky ones like garlic, squid ink or sardines and brandy) so feel free to experiment with all kinds of flavours and share your thoughts with us!

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