How to Make the Eating out Healthy

Nowadays the eating out takes a large part of out daily meal. Restaurant, a fast takeaway or just some food on the run, it doesn’t matter – all of them usually are notoriously higher in fat. For Aussies it is about one third of all the food consumption that is estimated in eating out. Nearly hundred percent of this food is cooked with extra oil and less vegetables, which makes it unhealthy. However, there few tips that you can follow in order to avoid the extra fats.

  1. Make sure to order extra vegetables in the restaurant. It will surely cost you a few extra dollars to the bill, but the greens will fill you up. The experts recommend 2 cups of veggies at dinner.
  2. Don’t go to the restaurant starving. Eat nuts or protein bar a couple of hours before going out. This will save you all the massive oil and bread consumption. You may also develop quite a skill of controlling your appetite.
  3. Avoid the heavy rice and pasta dishes and limit them to once a week. Pasta, pizza and Rissoto are common restaurant choices for many Aussies, but they are high in fat and carbohydrates. Limit these meals and control the bread eating. Cut all the extra bread slices, because they may easily fill you up and spoil your main dish.
  4. Ask the local restaurants about the type of oil they use and how often they change it. This is extremely important information, so make sure to check it out somehow. Avoid the places where they don’t change the oil often.
  5. Make sure to eat slowly and let your stomach register fullness. In about 20 minutes from the start of your meal your body will be able to register fullness.
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