How to House Train a Puppy

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Since our last post about how a pet can help sell your property, we have been receiving a lot of questions related to how to house train a puppy, in order to prevent carpets from suffering pet-stains. If you have a new addition to your household, and you want the transition period to go smoothly, without any accidents, you might want to try crate training.

Over the last few years, this method has been gaining popularity over the paper training. Crate training takes advantage of the fact that dogs are den animals, and as such they would never soil the area they sleep in, so you will be safe from accidents in that area. Additionally, crate training will help your puppy build bladder control until you can let it go around the house unsupervised.

How to Choose a Crate?

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It might be tempting to buy a small crate, after all it is for your little puppy, but this would be a mistake. When choosing the crate, think about how big your dog will get. It needs to have enough space to stand up and stretch. However, a crate shouldn’t be too wide, as your puppy might go potty at one end, and sleep at the other.

The crate should be a place of comfort, not a prison for your pet. To make it more appealing, throw some blankets, add toys and the first few times when luring the pup in it, use treats. In addition, you need to make sure that the crate isn’t placed at an isolated area. The best spot for the crate is somewhere the entire family gathers and spends most time.

When you take your puppy out of the crate, the first thing you need to do is to lead it to the designated bathroom area. Make sure to show your appraisal and give a treat once he/ she eliminates at the right spot. Teaching your puppy a command like “go potty” will prove to be very handy over the years. When the bathroom time is over, don’t put the little one immediately back into the crate. Let him/ her enjoy at least half an hour of playtime with you.

How Long Will Crate Training Take?

Most breeds are able to learn the basics of potty training by the time they reach 4 to 6 months of age. To be able to calculate how often your pup needs to eliminate, you can take advantage of one simple rule – the little one can hold off for as many hours as it is months old. Make sure you stick to the time frame, and you should be safe from any accidents. In case, you can’t stay at home to let the little one out every two or three hours, enlist the help of neighbours, dog sitters and even your kids.

For all those occasions when your crate training techniques still need improving, or your pup is a slow learner, you shouldn’t despair – accidents are meant to happen, and there is a cure for every stain your carpet suffers. If you can’t solve the problem on your own, you can always rely on our experienced carpet cleaners Melbourne to help you revive your carpets.

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