How Devious Can a Maid Be?

There is a new show in town and with four episodes out, it is causing a lot of controversial comments on the social media. Devious Maids is a must-watch new drama. But, before I dive in all the gossip, let me introduce the new TV series of Lifetime (yes, the very same network that is so well known about its daytime soap operas).

Meet The Devious Maids

After eight years of entertaining us the Desperate Housewives came to an end, the show’s produces and screenwriter Marc Cherry and the glamorous star Eva Longoria started a new project on Lifetime – Devious Maids. With just four episodes out, it has been the main topic of numerous discussions. Some argue that stereotyping Latina women as only capable of becoming maids is insulting. Others just believe it would become yet another soap opera in Lifetime’s portfolio. Third parties just don’t think it will live up to the success and popularity of Desperate Housewives. All of that may be true but the interesting dialogue, the stunning ladies and the versatile plot are certainly worth watching.

The show introduces the life of four modern day housemaids in Beverly Hills. However, they are by far like nothing you would have expected – they are witty, sassy and very beautiful.

In this TV series, you won’t be watching timid young girls trying to make it in the country of their dreams. On the contrary, you will meet four women who know who they are and what they want. They always have a clever remark and aren’t afraid to speak their mind to their bosses. Truly, the maids have the surprising ability to air all the household’s dirty laundry… and in what fashion!

Who Are the Devious Maids?

Carmen, played by Roselyn Sanchez is an aspiring singer (in her late twenties or early thirties). Her ambition to succeed is admirable  and somewhat worrisome. Having taken the job as a housemaid only to get close to her employer – a famous singer, and get him to listen to her music (and appreciate it), she is forced to deal with the an arch enemy – the loyal housekeeper Odessa who won’t allow “gold diggers” near her beloved boss. The passionate, temperamental Carmen doesn’t fit into the world of cleaning. Her remark to her fellow maids speaks volumes:

“I should have been born rich: You guys know how to pull off poverty – I don’t”.

Zolia, starring Judy Reyes from Scrubs, is the witty senior maid of an overly emotional, unstable, co-dependant and drug-abusive single wealthy woman. While her biting remarks never seize to entertain the audience, it’s her struggle to keep her daughter Valentina away from her bosses son that makes her so interesting. However, the latest development of the series dictates that there is more to Zolia than a witty overprotective mum.

The daughter, Valentina, also works at the same household, and she really lives up to the “devious maid” name with her endless plotting to get close to the boy of her dreams.

Dania Ramirez is Rosie, a devoted mother who takes care of the home and the child of a “happy” rich couple in Beverly Hills. Naturally, adultery and plots are regular guests at their house. While her selfish boss claims to be a great mum and actress, Rosie raises her son. At the same time, the only reason the beautiful Latina works there is to save up money and bring her own child to America.

One would wonder how such a stereotype character be sassy and interesting…

Well, just wait and see as Rosie has a few tricks up her sleeve!

Then, there is Marisol (starring the beloved Ugly Betty star Ana Ortiz) who looks nothing like a maid is by far the most thrilling of the four lead characters. With a few secrets and an agenda of her own, she is the one that lives up to the title “devious maid” the most. In the four episodes we have seen so far, she has managed to manipulate her way in two households and she is doing her best to find out who the killer of the maid killed in the pilot episode is. Why – her son has been accused of the murder!

To Sum Up

We have four very different women, each with her own agenda. While in many scenes we see them clean up the house, do the laundry and take care of their employers, the least we would associate them is housework. Their flamboyant characters and ambition are what makes the show interesting in the first place. So, my only question is:

After having seen these girls in action, would you want to have a maid?

Margaret Swanton

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