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Christmas is coming very, very soon, and it is high time to start worrying how are you going to welcome your guest for the holiday. The traditional family dinner is scheduled for less than a week from now, and you must be in a cleaning frenzy – all about what your judgemental mother-in-law will say about the dust settled on the TV, the tiny spider web that you have missed, and so on.

To face the truth, no matter how much you try, how vigilant you are in keeping the kids at bay (no toys must clutter your lovely home that very day), and most importantly how many hours (days) you spend cleaning and de-cluttering, you might never feel 100% ready. Nevertheless, welcoming the guests is all about creating good first impression, so why not start with the door mat?

What you just read is absolutely right, a funny doormat with a nice festive message might just turn out to be the ice breaker that you have been looking for. Depending on your mood, and on the sense of humour of your guests, you can choose from a wide variety of welcome mats that can cheer everyone up, as they are lining to come in.

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If you are really that anxious about the state of your home, a doormat with a ballsy excuse is the best way to approach the problem. It is not only a great way to warn your guests not to expect too much, but it is also will probably earn you some compliments to accent on exactly the opposite.

The good news: you can order, or even make your own doormat for the occasion.  All you need to do is look for online shops that sell domestic goods or an interesting idea for a DIY project.

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