House Expasion vs. Larger Backyard

In the last ten years, Melbourne is growing to become even more populated and affluent. As the city is flourishing and developing fabulous plans for cultural development towards expanding and renovating, the average block size in the city are shrinking more and more.

According from reports from the Housing Industry Association, blocks in Melbourne have shrunk to 439sq m which is about 27% less than the size of the blocks in 2002. Same show the figures from Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Greater Hobart where Adelaide is affected the most with a decrease of the block size with more than 150sq m.

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Families are concerned that they the space they have is simply not enough. The decrease of block sizes has already become a problem for one Australian family which is concerned their dream for a home-based family day care business won’t become reality as they they do not have the space for it. Mr and Mrs Samuels share they had plans for building a garden shed in their backyard which are now put on hold because of the need of approval by the council. 29-year-old Blake Samuels, a Spring Farm resident, build the house of his dreams together with his family. He shares he buried the idea for a garden shed to give more space for an expanded garage and a larger house.

The block size shrinking is inevitable and as some families have found a way to conveniently re-purpose the space in their homes by utilizing it in a smart way, others find it hard to overcome the idea of having man tools near the laundry in the garage. According to the statistics made by Housing Industry Association, almost 40% of the new houses in Australia are now multi-unit homes. The managing director of Wisdom Homes, which builds more than 400 houses per year, says that the fastest selling properties are now the smallest ones. People’s concern is will Australia’s new houses shrunk even more and isn’t this change going to negatively affect the families’ healthy home environment?

What are your thoughts on the topic – are garden sheds and large well-maintained gardens a thing from the past or they will be eventually swollen by the need for affordable and manageable homes?

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