Good Beer Week in Melbourne

Good Beer Week posterMelbourne is a busy city. Events are popping up here and there all the time. May, in particular, is filled with amazing festivals, gatherings and happenings that one simply shouldn’t miss out on. For the third consecutive year, beer enthusiast who love quality brew can participate in the internationally renown festival also known as Good Beer Week Melbourne.

The Origin of the Good Beer Festival

To be honest, I’m not much of a beer person, so when I firs heard of the event, my initial assumption was that it is some sort of a local remake of Octoberfest in Bavaria, Germany. Imagine my surprise when I found out that both had only the beloved beverage in common. Good Beer Week originated in 2011 when some of the most devoted beer junkies decided to throw additional events during the Australian International Beer Awards.

If you haven’t heard about them either, let me point out that it is THE SHOWCASE for premium beer and brewing excellence in the entire Asia-Pacific region. With a panel of 40 judges who get to sample some of the world’s finest lagers, IPA’s, Pale Ales, other Ales, Pilsners, Wheat Beers and the variety of styles in between, every brand that has claims for the title “World Quality Beer” wants to enter the competition and get one of the many awards for the various categories.

Naturally, with all that beer and conundrum, it is only logical to come up with a few (just about over a 140) events to complement the Australian International Beer Awards and create the ultimate festival for beer junkies.

Events in Melbourne During Good Beer Week

From 18th till 26th of May local and international brewers will flood the bars in Melbourne. Yes, there will be many sessions strictly for beer maniacs – hard-core nerd stuff, but the organizers have included numerous events like scavenger hunts and other gigs where it is all about having fun and relaxing. Brewery will just be the delicious fuel that triggers your creativity.

At the official site of Good Beer Week Melbourne, you can find the detailed program for all nine days, along with a very interesting and helpful option – browse the events by stream. You can see for yourself that it won’t be simply nine days of drinking beer at your favourite bar. On the contrary, there is something for everyone:

  • Foodie stream – Features for those with refined tastes. Take a tour around Melbourne’s finest restaurants and eateries and have tastings where beer and food are matched perfectly – some would say to the state of the art which is usually associated with wine.
  • Home Brewer stream – Everyone who is interested can learn about home brewing and even participate in the Brew School, organized by The Australian National Homebrewing Conference.
  • Beer Novice stream – One of the main goals of Good Beer Week is to spread the word about the wonders of quality beer, therefore everyone who has even the faintest interest is welcome to join and learn about good beer.
  • Beer Geek – Needless to say, Good Beer Week in Melbourne wouldn’t be possible without the brew junkies who are always on the lookout for new tastes and experiences, who are always up for the challenge of testing new recipes and who push the boundaries of the festival to new limits.
  • Beer Lover stream – Everyone who already knows the difference between Pilsner, lager. IPA and Pale Ale but hasn’t reached geek level yet is welcome to participate in the beer lover stream.


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