Going to Extremes – Kid’s Birthday Party Extravaganza

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Do you remember back when you were kid – when your mum used to bake a cake and invite a few of your closest friends and a handful of relatives to celebrate your birthday? Those precious memories of casual gathering with you and your friends running around, entertaining yourselves the old-fashioned way – playing hide an seek, chasing each other and so on…

What Happens at a Kid’s Birthday Party Today?

Interestingly, modern parents have an entirely different view on how should their child’s birthday party be organized. As it turns out the days of impromptu gatherings are long gone… something else, no one will just take the little ones to a fairy party and then threat them to a meal at Hungry Jack’s or McDonald’s. Instead, parents splurge on fancy, planned by a specialist, events

According to statistics posted in News.com.au, parents are going to extremes to organize large-scale birthday celebrations – sometimes worth of thousands of dollars. In a new sort of rivalry between mums and dads, everyone is trying to outdo other couples with a fancier, flashier happening. Once a simple gathering, now a kid’s birthday celebration is a major social event in a family’s event calendar. Both parents and children are required to participate and contribute to the activities.

What Should an Elaborate Kid’s Birthday Party Include?

Personally, I can’t help but wonder how can an event for children drain the family budget with no less than $1000, so I felt obliged to investigate where all the money goes to. First of all, you have to have an original theme. Amongst the best ideas I stumbled upon were themes like Bananas in Pyjamas, Tom & Jerry, Powerpuff girls (for the little ladies) and Dexter’s Laboratory (for the young gentlemen).

Once you have the prefect, most original idea ever, you need to decorate appropriately. Let’s take the Bananas in Pyjamas theme. Everything needs to fit into the yellow, royal blue and white colour scheme – the food included. Don’t be fooled, if you really want to be taken seriously, and host the best children’s B-Day celebration of the year, you need to think about the dress code, party favours and etc. To me all of this sounds like rocket science…

Luckily for unenlightened parents like me, there are party planners who specialize in organizing events for children. Some of the most successful businesses are owned by mums who used to do it for fun. Kathleen Karagiannis is just one of the new business owners who are joining the emerging trend.

Other Events for Kind That Require Serious Planning

While I am panicking about what to do for my little one’s B-Day which is not due for three months, I have to focus on more urgent events like planning a sleepover for young teen. Don’t be mistaken, this too has evolved beyond placing food on the table and getting everyone to bed in time. According to this article, planning a slumber party also requires tons of preparations.

On top of organizing every single event as if it were the Gala of the year, one must also focus on the everyday life. Mundane tasks like cleaning and tidying up, should never be left unattended. After all, you need to teach the kids the important life lesson that after each successful event comes the time for cleaning

…and the greater the party, the bigger the mess on the other day…

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2 Responses to Going to Extremes – Kid’s Birthday Party Extravaganza

  1. Wow… I almost feel bad for booking my kids parties out at the local family friendly bar & restaurant (£7.99 per kid, indoor adventure zone, hot food, bottomless drinks, cake and ice-cream, a visit from Brewster Bear, party bags & balloons), but since they all follow the same format there is no competitiveness. And the kids love it! And I don’t have clean up after either ;)

    • Margaret Swanton says:

      As long as the kids have fun, it doesn’t matter how you decide to organize the party. I believe that the examples in my article are all about “the extremes” :) Personally, I also prefer going to a family-friendly restaurant. If I have to be honest, the “no cleaning” part is my favourite :)

      Thank you for stopping by, Claire Beth :)