Following the Sun: Girasole the Rotating House in Canberra

Sustainable living is one of the main topics in our blog. There are numerous ways to help protect the environment nowadays. From recycling to taking short showers instead of long lavish bubbly baths to building green roofs and even rotating houses. It was John Andriolo’s life-long dream to build a house which follows the motion of the sun.

Girasole is the first of its kind rotating house in Australia. Its name refers to the Italian verb gira – ‘to turn’ and the pronoun sole – ‘sun’. In English the phrase translates as sunflower. With the help of a state-of-the-art operation system driven by a touch screen panel, the entire construction can make a 360° turn so you can mimic the trajectory of the sun. Inspired by the first rotating house in Verona, Italy, Girasole shows off the advancement in technology and architecture over the last 70 years.

It was its creator’s life-long dream to construct such a fascinating building. John Androlo vision was to create an energy-efficient, self-sustaining home in the urban setting of Canberra’s suburbs. While the project is more than ambitious and costly – the house along with the land it is built on costs over a million Australian dollars, it can also be seen for what it truly is – a prototype for the housing of the future.

Not only does this unique rotating house follow the sun harnessing all its energy during the winter but it also moves away from it during the hot months. All it takes is ten minutes for the entire construction to make a full 360 degree turn – pretty amazing, especially when compared to its predecessor in Italy which needed nine hours and twenty minutes to complete one rotation cycle.

Sustainable Features of Girasole in Canberra

  • Underground Water Tank – 120, 000 litre tank stores rainwater. Rainwater falling directly on the roof or on the garage is captured and directed to the underground facility. The owners can decide whether to use it for specific purposes like watering the garden or doing the laundry or they can completely eliminate the need to use community water supply by relying entirely in the building’s water resources.
  • High-Quality Insulation – Girasole relies on top-notch insulation materials to keep the warmth indoors during the winter and reflect heat in the summer. This includes double glazed windows.
  • Solar Panels – 10.5 kW panels generate sufficient amount of electricity to sustain the needs of the entire construction. Thanks to them there is also an abundance of hot water.

Girasole is situated in a quiet rural suburb in Canberra with a mesmerizing view of Mount Majura. Despite its futuristic features and incredible sustainable features, its exterior is designed to fit into the single-storey street frontage of most of the neighbouring homes. Nevertheless, the smart floor plan provides plenty of open and spacious living space. Something more, thanks to the natural flow in the rooms and the creative design,Girasole, Australia’s first rotating house, is a fantastic place to live in.

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