Father’s Day 2013

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Father’s Day is a special holiday in the calendar of every Aussie. It’s a day you can show your appreciation to your father or father figure (step-dads, guardians, father-in-low or any other man who has been there for you). Even though it is not a public holiday, most of us anticipate this time of the year. Traditionally, Father’s Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of September. This year it is 1st September.

What Can You Do on Father’s Day?

Since this is a day dedicated to honouring your dad or father figure, you can decide how you will observe it. Many Aussies prefer to spend a day in the park, have a family gathering, go to the movies or even participate in a charity event like Walk With Me. Melbourne with its never ending stray of dazzling events offers a lot of opportunities to have a fantastic celebration.

Almost every venue in town has a special Father’s Day offer waiting for you to make your pick. From breakfast or lunch at the Local Taphouse to dining at the fancy Sky High hotel at Mount Dandenong, you can decide between five-course menus and five rounds of free beer for your dad.

Naturally, there are events in Melbourne which include more than a special meal. Take for example the Melbourne Aquarium. The curators have set up not only a lush breakfast but also numerous lectures from renowned local marine biologists. Not only will you get to hear every extraordinary fact there is to know about sharks, but you can also take part in some very entertaining workshops.

The Rippon Lea estate opens its doors for an old-school Father’s Day celebration. The vast green fields adjacent to the main building are perfect for a big family picnic. You will be brought back to the 19th century with a special selection of traditional outdoor games, boat rides on the lake at Rippon Lea, egg and spoon races and a traditional sausage sizzle.

What If You Still Don’t Have a Father’s Day Present?

Naturally, you need to have an awesome gift for your dad’s special day. In case you haven’t have had time to shop, you are on a tight budget or you simply like to postpone till the last moment. I have found a few fabulous suggestions for you. Cool Mom Picks has some DIY ideas to help you solve your problem. Reader’s Digest has made an amazing selection of personalized gifts for the hippie dad, the germ-freak dad and other types of father figures. As usual, Brit + Co have an extraordinary selection of gadgets to surprise your loved papa. Most of them don’t exceed the amount of $30.

Lastly, here is our Father’s Day card, you can print out and frame.
Happy Father’s Day from Fantastic Cleaners!

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