Fascinating DIY Projects for Rainy Days

The weather forecast for the rest of the week isn’t looking all that great. With the possibility of rain threatening to ruin your weekend or at least make it less interesting, you need to prepare yourself with a weekend plan B. As usually, my solution is to get busy with some fascinating DIY projects for rainy days.

While interior designers ramble about the importance of hand-made home accessories and how they can spice up your home décor, you can actually make the most of the time you have and actually craft some trinkets of your own. Additionally, some of my suggestions bellow have very neat uses.

Button Bowl

A neat and inventive idea that took over Pinterest. As it turns out the button bowl is more than easy to make but you need to be patient to get it right. Take out your childhood button collection and a balloon to assemble the unit. Glue the buttons around the balloon and pop it afterwards. Once you clean up the bits and pieces of the balloon, you will have a very pretty button bowl.

Button Letter Picture

You are bored to death at home? Neither the TV shows nor the Internet can keep you entertained for long? Yet, you simply don’t have it in you to spend hours piecing together buttons over a balloon…

Don’t worry, there are other button crafts you can indulge in. Take button letter pictures, for example. They are an interesting DIY project you can do on a rainy day that allows you to express your creativity in a fascinating way. Best of all, you only need glue, buttons, a cardboard and a picture frame, though the latter is optional…

Dotted Tumblers

It might be “winter” here but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare for the hot summer parties. If you want to organize numerous garden parties or even set up an indoor garden party right now, you will want all the fancy accessories that will make it memorable and fancy.

Dotted tumblers are a hit amongst DIY-ers, and once again, they are very, very easy to make. All you need are some blank glass tumblers, paint (water-resistant, please) and cotton buds to apply the paint on the glass. The rest is up to your imagination.

Tinted Mason Jars

Before we begin, I must warn you that the three-ingredient method works only if you don’t intend to use the jars to store liquids or food. So all you need to make these DECORATIVE tinted mason jars are modge podge (or other similar adhesive), food colouring and some water. You can find the full manual, complete with a step-by-step guide and amazing pictures in the wonderful blog Lab on the Roof.

Cork Planters

Last but not lease, something for the thrilled gardeners… Cork planters make for an intricate fridge magnets but they can be laced literally anywhere you want. It is a time-consuming projects that requires skilled fingers and the patience to work with small objects but once you complete the project, you will see it was well worth the efforts!

Simply hollow the cork with a pocket knife and fill it with some soil. Choose the plant you want to place in it – cacti work best, in my opinion. To turn them into a a fridge decoration just glue a magnet to the back of the cork. In case you want to place them somewhere else, figure out what will be the best adhering method and get down to work!

Other Fabulous DIY Projects From Here and There

Fairy Light Jar – A fascinating project to brighten your gloomy day;

Beer Cap Coaster – Green way to re-use old beer caps and save your antique wooden table from getting damaged by the condensing bottle;

Mug Cosy – If you know how to knit, this project is right up your alley! Make a cute cosy for your favourite mug or coffee cup – just because you like bright colours and funny home accessories.

Don’t Forget to Let the Kids in on All The Fun

It is a boring rainy day, so your little angels will be excited to join you in the crafts activities. The mess afterwards is guaranteed but it is still worth it. As you know, here at Fantastic Cleaners, we can help you clean up all sorts of stains, so don’t hesitate to call us should you need some assistance with the post-DIY-project cleaning!

Margaret Swanton

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