Eggshells Used In Furniture Design

You probably are convinced eggshells are just a useless leftover product from your breakfast omelette. In which case you simply haven’t seen the art of designers like Sebastian Aumer. Turns out smashed eggshells are a wonderful decoration means. And not only do they look pretty, eggshells prove also to be a reliable low-cost construction material.

In the case of Aumer’s “eggo! Stools”, about one thousand eggs were used for the creation of each stool. He got them mainly from local bakeries. After Aumer shaped the smashed eggshells into stools, he had to bake them for up to two hours to allow the materials to become rock solid. It might seem unlikely, but you can actually sit on the eggshell stools and not break them. The best feature of eggshell-made items is that they’re completely organic. This is why, after you have no more use of them, you can simply compost the whole thing.

Another eggshell enthusiast is designer Eric Chapeau, who uses the egg leftovers as mosaic surface decoration. The technique is not as swift and effortless as it might look. It actually is quite tedious and complicated, as the artist puts each piece of smashed eggshells one at a time. He also uses layers of paper and epoxy glue and pigment to fill the space between the particles and finished with sanding. The results are stunning. Chapeau adds colours and light to complete his eggshell masterpieces.

The good news is eggshells are an accessible, affordable and organic way to do some DIY home décor projects too. You could try your hands on this craft as well. You simply need a bag of leftover eggshells. Rinse them thoroughly and allow some time to air-dry. Smash them carefully into smaller pieces and use some glue to painstakingly overlay a lampshade, for instance. You can even colour the eggshells before, or after you glue them. It is not too easy, and definitely is time-consuming, but if you are up for a challenge and want to spend some therapeutic time, the results will be worth it.

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