Easy Home Décor Projects: Creating a Mudroom from Scratch

Lately, I have been obsessed with home renovations and how to do them on a small budget. Truth be told, most of us postpone the home improvement projects up until we can afford to do it all at once. However, no one said it has to be like this, actually right this minute you can plan for an exciting weekend at home. All you need are some easy home décor projects to spice up and modernise your interior design.

If you are feeling fresh out of ideas, I have your back with my favourite suggestions. A little warning, though! This might involve treasure hunting at thrift stores and garage sales, sewing and all sorts of DIY-ing.

What I like most about the weekend DIY activities is that you can easily engage the entire family. I don’t want to keep you waiting, so I am going to jump straight to my first pick for an easy home décor project on a budget.

Create an Instant Mudroom

It is winter and rainy days, muddy streets and wind are here to torment us, so having a mudroom could really help you protect your dwelling from dirt and debris everyone drags from outside. Keep in mind that I use the term mud room very loosely. In reality, it could be just a comfy corner in your hallway.

A cozy mudroom should include a bench or an ottoman – basically, a decent seating where your loved ones can sit to put on or take off their boots without. Not only is a bench a practical addition to your hallway but it can make for an intricate and appealing focal point to jazz up your hallway décor. Another important accessory for your mudroom is the boot tray to collect the shoes and protect your floors from mud and drips – you don’t want to be stuck cleaning the hallway a couple of times a day!

Personal storage space for each family member could also be a major benefit. While you can invest in a bench or an ottoman with shelving underneath it, there are alternative ways to create more space like adding open shelves (all you need are some planks and nails for a cheap and quick solution) and a few cute personal baskets.

Naturally, a mudroom can’t be truly functional until you actually add a catch-all for scarves and gloves of small odd items that you don’t want cluttering the shelves. Additionally, you could add a hanger for the coats and hats to complete the hallway-mudroom design.

For some finishing touches, you could include some family pictures in nice DIY photo frames, a plant to brighten up the space and other small accessories that make all the difference in the world and speak louder than words about your sense of style and your character. Don’t forget the fact that the space carries the name “mudroom” doesn’t mean that you have to stick to gloom dark colour scheme. On the contrary, the more cheerful everything looks the better your hallway-mudroom would look and the winter sadness will never manage to penetrate the premises of your home.

I hope you have enjoyed this DIY home décor project. Stay tuned for more ideas as I am planning to organise a DIY Friday every other week. In case you have any suggestions, I would love to hear all about them in the comments section!

Margaret Swanton

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  1. Alice says:

    Great! I really like your mudroom home décor. I have been looking for some high quality ideas for some time now :)