DIY Dads – An Endangered Species

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Father’s Day has come and gone. To me, it is always a day to go back to my childhood memories. I love to recall those sweet days of innocence when I used to trot around the backyard after my dad. I remember him carrying the toolbox around ever prepared to fix the fence, a peaky pipe or dive under the car for some maintenance work. The trip down memory lane naturally brought the inevitable desire to compare my fiancé to my dad. You know how they say every girl looks for a guy who resembles her daddy…

Like most men of our generation, my sweetheart isn’t very handy with the basic tools (hammers, screwdrivers and other instruments my dad could use with no hesitation). Actually, I pray I will never get to see him wield a hammer to fix this or that… mostly because I am certain the scene would end with a trip to the ER. Don’t get me wrong, I love him just the way he is with all his amazing qualities and cute flaws. However, I do realise that one day our kids won’t get to follow him around the house to see how he fixes or builds things around our home… and that saddens me a little bit…

Why is the Era of DIY Dads Over?

An article I recently read on gave me the answer to this question. As it turns out, fathers are just not passing their skills down to the next generation. Whether it is due to the switch from mainly blue collar to mainly white collar jobs or our belief that we can find any tutorial on Google and YouTube, the faith that all the answers are out there on the Internet has actually made us somewhat lazy.

According to a study AA Home Emergency Response conducted the DIY dads will soon be entirely replaced by a new breed of “tech-savvy” men. They might be wizards with your computer but little do they know about home repairs and manual labour. All in all, most of us will get amazing Internet connection, the best HD TV and fabulous high-tech gadgets… but also with squeaking stairs and leaky sinks…

AA estimates that by 2048 the DIYers will have disappeared. Grim news, if you ask me. Especially since as a typical Aussie girl, I have grown with the image of the Australian bloke who can fix everything and never has to call the on-call handyman for help. Even though I have made my piece with the idea that some day my kids won’t have a DIY dad (well, they will have a DIY granddaddy but that’s different…), I still can’t help but wonder:

Who will be doing all the odd jobs around our houses if the handyman skills are to become extinct?

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