DIY Chair Bench

Hello, everyone! Since autumn is already here, and we have a few gleeful sunny days ahead of us. I decided to talk about major DIY projects that you can take on outdoors, enjoying the warm weather and engaging in some physical activities.

About The DIY Chair Bench

Let me remind you that one of the hottest interior design trends for this year is incorporating your own DIY projects into the interior design. To stay in stride with the home décor fashion, and to create something useful, you might consider this amazing DIY chair bench.

It incorporates the main idea of green livingre-use and re-purpose, nothing should go to waste. I first stumbled upon the marvellous creation in a Netherlands blog, where you can see more details on how to assemble the unit. By making this fancy chair bench, you can upcycle your old, termite-infected chairs and shape them into a lovely comfortable bench for your terrace, patio, backyard of even turn it into an eclectic hallway feature. As usual, where and how you will use it is limited only by your imagination, and we all know how creative you can be!

Ideas for Upcycling:

The best part about the DIY chair bench is that you don’t even need the chairs to be part of the same set. Actually, if you take a look at the picture bellow, you will see the project of 31 & Change – a Brooklyn-based company that specializes in designing off-beat, unusual furniture.

Last but not least, you can even upholster the entire thing, making it even more fascinating and charming – just like the bench with the flower-pattern upholstery, assembled by Kindall’s Creations.

Hope you will have lots of fun coming up with an unique design of yours! I can’t wait to hear about the results!

Megan Steel

About Megan Steel

For Megan, landscaping has been a lifetime passion, and writing about it gives her great pleasure. Ms. Steel specializes in contemporary landscape design, and planting, but she also acknowledges the European style, and classic looks (which she has studied in Italy and Spain). If you want to recreate a little piece of heaven right in your backyard, Megan can help you make it happen, so stay tuned for her articles!
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3 Responses to DIY Chair Bench

  1. Woah! These are fantastic! I want one! #PoCoLo

    • Margaret Swanton says:

      Thank you for stopping by, Nell :) These are not only fancy, but also easy to make :) I am planning on trying a similar project of my own ;)

  2. Mariem Horan says:

    This seems like a pretty fun and easy idea. What do you think about adding a slip-cover to protect the seating and add some cushions to make it more comfortable? Personally, I believe it’s a great idea!