Creating the Ultimate Man Cave

Man cave – the ultimate hiding place for men, a place where no woman is allowed. You will also find the definition for man cave under manctuary and manspace. It is the place where men retreat without having to explain what he is doing in there. Basically, a man cave is a sanctuary that can take many, many forms – a garage, a media room, a workshop, a bowling alley or a billiards hall near by. Its shape and size are irrelevant really – what matters is its purpose. Having a private space is essential for each person and has been proven to be healthy for any relationship.

Basics of a Man Cave

Since women naturally take over the household and have the bigger say in the interior (and exterior) design of the family home, it is only natural for men to desire a space of their own, where the ‘feminine touch’ is banned. Having excluded the female influence of the equation, you would have to find the perfect spot for the man cave.

The basement, for instance, is a great place to work on your project. In most homes, it is usually used for storage, so it will take a garage sale and a good deep cleaning to prepare it for the future manctuary. Polished concrete flooring, dark stained wood cabinetry and frosted glass will make for an intriguing, sleek man cave.

The attic, on the other hand, is perfect for a sunlight, cheerful room where your loved one can retreat to enjoy a game of pool or darts with friends. There is no written rule that man caves should all be dark and gloomy – essentially it depends on the preferences of its owner. Blond wood and cheerful, bright fabrics could suit your partner much better than the dark features, described in the previous paragraph.

The garage is a place where your hubby feels at home anyway, where he can assemble and disassemble various gadgets, work on the car or repair an old motorcycle. If he wants to upgrade the space, why not let him. A modernistic look with a bar, some intricate lighting features and stools will make it his favourite spot.

The Ultimate Man Cave Essentials

A man cave, by definition, is decorated by a man but this doesn’t mean that it would look unsophisticated and absolutely uncoordinated. On the contrary, it might end up being the most exciting place in the dwelling. To create an elaborate, interesting and most importantly functional man cave, you would need a few essentials:

Sense of Fantasy

You don’t need to recreate the bat cave but some creativity will help your partner build the best man cave ever. An unanimous theme can do wonders where coordinating the interior design is concerned. The topics of man caves across the world vary from comic book heroes to passion for sports, from a sanctuary for the geeks with an assembly of old-fashioned acrade games and naturally an X box.

Wet Bar

No place is worth the title man cave, if it doesn’t have a concise wet bar. Whether your loved one will opt for just a kegerator ( a refrigerator for a keg of beer) or an elaborate small bar, stocked with his favourite drinks.

Billiards Table

This is certainly a must-have! Every time I think about a man cave, I always imagine a room filled with cigar smoke, leather furniture and an enormous billiards table. Naturally, there are more creative ways to incorporate the feature into the room décor without being cliché.

Sound System

Your partner might want to retreat to his man cave to listen to loud music or play on his old guitar. A high-end sound system will enhance the appeal of the space. A man cave with a focus on music will create the perfect rock ‘n’ roll refuge for your hubby.

Last but not least, I feel tempted to remind that since the man cave is off limits for you and your daughters (if you have any), which means that all cleaning and sanitizing of the unit are left for the owner of the room. Additionally, I feel tempted to share this video with you… just to show you how vital a man cave can be for the self-confidence of your loved one…

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