Cleaning – a War in Disguise

In Tuesday’s post we discussed how cleaning could influence negatively your intimate relationship when living together. While there is only two of you, it is easy to divide the chores, and work on a schedule that you and your dear one can agree on. What happens, however, when kids enter the scene? Does cleaning become a war in disguise or is it a plain confrontation between parents and children where no one takes hostages?

The Harsh Reality of Cleaning

Most parents start teaching their little angels how to help around the house too late in their development. Researches indicate that the earlier you start giving your child housework-related tasks, the better he/ she will adapt to the cleaning routine. You can assign toddlers simple tasks like wiping a easy-to-reach surface, and increase the difficulty of the assignments as your kid grows.

When speaking of the harsh reality, if you have read the previous post, and now you have moved on to this one, you are probably one of the many Aussie women that feels she is taking on the burden of cleaning all on her own. Here is some food for thought: If the parents of your partner had been more adamant that he helps around at home for an early age, would all those fights over the housework be part of your everyday life today? Probably not!

How to Put an End to the Cleaning War

Dear parents, it is time to stop fooling yourself, and face the harsh reality – you have to step up, and get your kid to start cleaning. The sooner, the better! Not only will the fights with your loved one come to an end, but you will also have an extra set of hands to help with the cleaning chores when your kid is old enough. Additionally, you will save your beloved child numerous awkward conversations with room-mates, flat-mates, and later even with live-in partners.

It is high time to drop the mop and and declare war! Here are some ground rules to get you started:

1. No dirty dishes in the sink! If there are any at the end of the day, computer right will be revoked for the following 24 hours.

2. Vacuum cleaning must be done at least once a week! The longer your precious one postpones, the more time he/ she will have to spend without Internet connection.

3. Bathroom cleaning is also a weekly chore! Decide on an adequate punishment, or let it get as dirty and grimy, as you have never seen it before.

4. Out of toilet paper? Let’s see who knows where you keep them!

5. Throwing out the garbage is also a chore, one that your kid and his/ her dad can share.

Mind games, subtle manipulation and straight out warfare are all allowed, so choose your weapons wisely!

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