Chtristmas Tree Food

Once again, in our Holiday Special, I have prepared a suggestion on alternative Christmas decoration. However, today, I have a new perspective on Christmas tree decor – one that might be placed on your festive dinner table, and… be eaten…

Since there are no rules, let’s begin with the dessert, and a very delicious strawberry surprise – design your very own mini-Christmas tree with a cupcake foundation, strawberries, green-coloured cream, and some tiny candies. I can guarantee that your kids will be thrilled at the opportunity to taste these Christmas sweeties!

Candy Christmas Trees

Christmas is the perfect time to do some crazy crafts projects with the kids. Grab some sugar cones, melted chocolate, sweets in Christmas-y colours, and naturally a large spoon of Christmas cheers. In case your sweets can’t stand on their own you might have to make cardboard foundation, however, it only means more fun to be had while building the edible mini-Christmas tree.

Making your very own sweet decoration will make it taste even better than, if you decide to pre-order it in a pastry shop. The best part – it takes about 30 minutes per tree, only!

Christmas Tree Platters

Take a look at these amazing holiday platters for your Christmas table. Whether you want fruits or vegetables, you can assemble themed holiday dish to be the centrepiece of your festive diner.

Do you have any wonderful Christmas decoration ideas?

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